Parker County Teen Court (PCTC)

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For more information about volunteering for PCTC, contact Michelle Hayes at [email protected] or Perri McCranie at [email protected].   We will encourage new students to attend a Teen Court Session in order to first observe our program and may be able to participate as a juror in one of the trials.  Volunteers will be required to complete a registration packet in order to participate in PCTC (please print and bring completed forms with you to the first session).  Volunteers must also begin by serving in juror positions and must be trained before performing any other duty.

For information concerning PCTC as an alternative to being sentenced in the formal court system, please contact Michelle Hayes at [email protected]NOTE: PCTC can only deliberate "Class C" misdemeanor cases.

For information concerning community service hours for defendants, please contact Shanna Mello at [email protected].